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Straw EnvyTM has turned the ordinary drinking straw into an accessory!
Reusable - Safe for hot drinks, BPA free - Stylish carrying case - Dentist approved
Reusable - Dishwasher Safe - Safe for Hot Drinks, BPA Free - Stylish Carrying Case - Dentist Approved - FDA Approved
Over 500 MILLION disposable straws are used in the U.S. everyday!
Stop the insanity... but look good doing it.
Spice up date night
Get noticed at girls' night out
Dress up your coffee drink
Start sipping with style Shop Now
I've been using aluminum straws for years and these straws have changed my life! - Lily in Oregon.
I bought mine last year when I saw them on MTV's Real World, and I get compliments every time I use 'em! - Tracy in Los Angeles
The flat straw is ingenious! I can sip from my hot tea right away and not get burnt with too much in one sip. - Andrea in New York
Such a cool new gift for my girlfriends! - Becky in L.A.
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